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This is basically an eCommerce platform which aims to deliver quality products as well as services. Technically it covers a all field of work flow.
We’re an established Nepal based provider of Managed IT Services, offering a pro-active and consultative based approach to getting the most from your IT infrastructure. Our approach to giving the right IT advice and support is a simple one. We use our expertise and experience to provide honest and beneficial advice to companies, allowing staff to focus on their objectives, while we ensure they have the technology resources to achieve them. Getting to know your business – how you’re set up, how IT supports your vision and how it can benefit your company in the future.

Technology expertise is just the beginning.
Your IT Solutions and connectivity need to be both reliable and flexible. Our platforms benefit from industry leading uptime, replication and redundancy.

Training – it’s just as important as technology.

There’s more to a great IT managed services partner than invoices for server support. We offer the kind of training your teams will enjoy and most importantly benefit from – personalized to your business and easy to put into place.

Zenitmart specializes in providing genuine “Product and Services’ ‘ and customized “Product and Services”. The company encourages its customers to be experimental with new designs of work flow and enhance their daily needs digitally. The mission is to understand the customers’ needs and hopes and provide good products and services to them. The products are accessible on the zenitmart’s website and on the mobile app. A healthy work environment and fair compensation will be added excellent value to our customers, and a fair return to the investors.

This is basically Ecommerce concept to sell products and services according to the market demand.
The vision of the company is to provide customized service with easy to use technology.

Zenitmart wants to be a nationally as well as internationally recognized consulting company operating at the forefront of technology to meet the development needs of all its clients. Its main mission is to be ethical as well as a sustainable company providing professionally sound services for evidence based development.

At ZenitMart.com, we provide the ultimate ecommerce service and business solution. Our integrated suite of tools helps vendors create, manage and sell their products online, all in one place. We provide custom store designs, fast order fulfillment and payment processing, and secure customer data storage. Plus, our intuitive dashboard makes it easy to keep track of sales, track inventory and more. With ZenitMart.com businesses have everything they need to start and grow their online store fast.

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At Zenitmart.com, we are revolutionizing the world of ecommerce by allowing small and large business owners to sell their products directly to customers in a single marketplace. Our multivendor service simplifies the process of setting up an online store and provides a platform for sellers to easily manage their inventory, list products, and track orders. With our comprehensive tools, customers can find everything they need in one place, from apparel to electronics and more! Plus, our unbeatable customer service ensures that you are getting more than you think.

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